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Accounting and Bookkeeping Services

Maintenance of proper and adequate books of accounts is mandatory for all businesses in UAE. As per the UAE government, all businesses in the UAE must maintain the books of accounts properly and accurately. This required that all the financial transactions of the company must be recorded in a systematic and comprehensive method.

Detailed and accurate financial documents including profit and loss statement, balance sheet, and trial balance can be prepared with the help of systematic accounting and bookkeeping while maintaining proper and accurate books of accounts.

It is compulsory from the Government of UAE to maintain the books and accounts of the company for a minimum of 5 years. Most of the companies in UAE are hiring accounting firms in Dubai to fulfill the legal requirements and stay focused on their business objectives and goals.

Our range of specialized services includes:

  • Creating chart of accounts as per operating structure & management requirements.
  • Preparation of monthly trial balance and financial statements like profit and loss account, balance Sheet, statement of cash flow, etc.
  • Prepare Quarterly, Half Yearly and Annual financial statements.
  • Recording of ongoing transaction including sales, expenses, bank transactions, etc.
  • Booking of month end transactions including depreciation, accruals, prepaid expenses and etc. to close the books of accounts.
  • Monthly reconciliation of bank accounts.
  • Analysis of debtors and creditors and reconciliation of the same on monthly basis

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